April 21, 2006


Over at my "deviantart" page I hold a contest every 10,000 pageviews. This was for the 50,000 pageview contest and the winner got to pick which film I would do fanart for next. The winner picked the film "Braveheart".

I got to say that I wasn't really into this idea, I'm more of a zombie guy, but the reason I even have the contest is so I'll draw things I wouldn't normally draw.

I kind of like how it came out and it's probably because of all the blood and the liberties with how I depicted the princess.

Here is a link to my deviantart page ... http://sideshowmonkey.deviantart.com/


Brandon Vietti said...

I applaud the creative license you have taken to reinterpret Braveheart and express your artistic FFFRREEEEEEEEDDOOOOOOOOMM!!!

Patrick said...

Great approach to the Braveheart theme- lovin' the way you managed to "zombify" the corpses here. Horror art is the greatest form of art!!! Awesome job!!

Niccolò said...

It's loock great, i love your work and finally i can tell you , thanks to blog!
I invite you to my blog .
Hope we get in touch!

Garrett Shikuma said...

I love the regal insignia on the princess' royal pantyhose. Ha ha ha! Great stuff Dave!!!