February 10, 2006


I figured I would start posting up some of my art here, although most of it can be seen on my site. I guess it doesn't hurt to get something up here until I get some more sketches up.

Here is an homage to HP Lovecraft. His writing and the world he created has been a big influence on me and I knew I could never do his creatures justice by drawing them, but I had to try.


TMALO70 said...

Hey Dave,
I can't believe that no one's commented on this one... I really enjoy it... It makes me want to heard over to the bookstore and pick up another Lovecraft book...


warren said...

Metallica turned me on to Cthulu.

I awlways wondered what 'the-thing that-could-not-be' looked like.


warren said...

ps that was in the 80s..when they didn't suck.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Very nice pic this one !!