January 27, 2006


Hey gang!

I finally finished up my art book which is chock full of my monsters and freaks! Nice color on good paper with a bright shiny cover!

96 pages in full color, paperback, 8.5 x 11, introduction by Rob Zombie and lots of MONSTERS! FREAKS! And GIRLS!

They are officially up for sale now online at Amazon.com and straight from the publisher at Lulu.com. ( I prefer you use Lulu.com because I get a higher return on the sale ;) )

I also hope to be offering copies for sale through my website via PAYPAL however these will sell for a higher price because I need to cover the shipping costs and tax, but I will throw in a quick monster doodle on the inside cover and I'll throw in one of my old "Rite" comic books, and I guess an autograph if you want it. I don't have that system setup yet so I'm not sure when it will be ready. Or you can hit me up at the screenings.

I ask though, if you order the book or are just a fan of my monsters, please write a nice review on Amazon for the book. I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks so much!

Here are the links....



Here are some of those weird little quote things to help advertise the book....

"Dave Hartman's artwork is like a school of Japanese piranha blasted from a photon canon into a blood red sky... he is kick ass." - Jack Black ( Tenacious D, King Kong )

"Why do I love Hartman's work so much? Not because it's hideous yet cool, artful yet grotesque or because he draws like a bastard... I think it's just more fun than anything going on in horror art." - Dan Brereton ( Nocturnals, Gunwitch, Giantkiller )

"David Hartman's art is some of the most bizarre, amazing, hallucinogenic, disturbing and wickedly cool work that I have ever seen. This edition will blow every other art book right off your coffee table!!" - Don Coscarelli ( Bubba Ho-Tep, creator of Phantasm )


Garrett Shikuma said...

Alright Dave! A Sideshow Monkey blog!
Already placed my order for this fantastic book! I cant wait to check it out!
Woo hoo!

ELiza J├Ąppinen said...

You're Sideshow Monkey site rocks! I love your style.

Doktor Viktor Von Kreep said...

Yo Dave!
Glad to see you have a blog now. Cant wait to check out the new book!

Your pal,

Von kreep

David Hartman said...

Thanks all! I appreciate it.

garrett! I finished your order today and it should go out tomorrow or Monday!