February 25, 2013

10,000 ZOMBIES!!!

10,000 Zombies! - I am so proud of this book. A flip book where you can mix and match body parts to create over 10,000 combinations of melting, sutured, crusty, flesh-rotting zombies. From sunken, water-logged corpses to brain-stem eyeball cadavers. I did all the artwork for the book with words by Alexander Cox (the descent). The quality is fantastic with a hardcover and a foreward by ROB ZOMBIE.Reviews on GoodReads.com


A fun take on the living-dead genre - and its got a (decaying) thumbs-up from horror legend Rob Zombie.
--Bizarre magazine, Oct 2011

A new art book - 10,000 Zombies - gives fans of the undead, well, 10,000 zombies! And all in one little book. Emmy-nominated artist David Hartman's book splits, the head, torso and underpants of the animated cadavers, giving you loads of possibilities --ImagineFX magazine, Oct 2011

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