June 9, 2012


Burbank, California at 2pm

I will be signing at the infamous Dark Delicacies Bookstore in Burbank California this coming Saturday, right before Father’s Day, at 2pm.

I will be signing my new book from Ivy press, “10,000 ZOMBIES!”  a flip-book where you can mix and match pieces to create your own zombie creations with mix and match stories by Alexander Cox ( the Descent). I will also be signing “How to Draw Chiller Monsters, Werewolves, Vampires, and Zombies” from Watson-Guptill featuring work and cover by myself along with Wally Wood! Frazetta! Basil Gogos! Steranko!
I’ll also have my first ARTBOOK on hand. Tons of monsters! Sketches! Color pieces!

A NEW ARTBOOK! I quickly put together a new artbook featuring many of the newer pieces seen here in my gallery. If you wanted some of these newer pieces since my first artbook then this is your chance to get them in print. I only made a short run of these full-color, softback, 8x11 books featuring 30+ pages of monsters in COLOR!

If that wasn’t enough!

I’ll also have 11x17 prints of my LOVECRAFT and the BLOODY DEAD  IN THE ASYLUM pieces. These prints are on semi glossy, really thick paper for only $10! I’ll also have posters and various other books. Plus I’ll have some FREE postcards of the BLOODY DEAD piece to all who show up.

SKETCHES! If you buy any of the above I’ll be happy to draw in your book for FREE! Any kind of monster or zombie you desire!

I never do signings and I really want it to be a success.  I NEED YOUR HELP! Please come out and buy a book, bring your Transformers Prime DVDs to be signed or just come and hang out and draw.  Please don’t leave me sitting alone in an empty bookstore. 

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