June 5, 2006


Here are a couple new pieces featuring girls and monsters. Yea, I can be pretty unpredictable sometimes.

The first is called "Mutant Graveyard" and was meant to have the feel of one of those romance book covers. The second piece is "Trouble at the Moulin Rouge". After watching the film of the same name I came to the conclusion it needed more zombies and just had to draw it. Both of these are available as big 'movie' sized posters in my online store through my website www.sideshowmonkey.com


Patrick said...

Nothing better than monsters and girlies... Gotta love it! These are both really great!!

Niccolò said...

Great Stuff, love both of them!
I've got some new drawings on my blog, i'd love to show you, while you can, please come and post some comment.
Thank you!

chia said...

Man, I can just imagine how much better moulin rouge would've been if you made it. especially the big zombie musical number.

Andrew said...


Anonymous said...

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