February 16, 2006

Comic Book Covers

Here are a couple comic book covers I've done this past year.

The Devil's Rejects comic by Rob Zombie. I also did an 8 page interior story which came out pretty cool. Filled with lots of monsters and gore.

"Abra Cadaver", this is a new book coming out by Dead Dog press and written by Dwight L. MacPherson. This is a cool story about Houdini coming back frrom the grave to fight in WWII. Look for this book soon


David Colman said...

I hope we can hook up for lunch too...when you do roll over bring a copy of your book, I want to get one from you and and get it signed..would rather give you the money and not the comic shop

kevin micallef said...

really cool stuff here!! Excellent work!

J.O.Syvanen said...

sweetnesshh!...I just got to this blogging-thing and boooong,,,new cool things to see (for me, atleast).

ink on, man..ink on!